Thursday, November 25, 2010

I like Brit's hair. She reminds me of a boy I used to date. I tried to quit drinking and doing drugs several times but it's hard. Good luck to you Ms. Spears. [Susannah, again, take note!]

Brian ‘The Closet Faggot CROW’ K3VR posting as “Karol Madera” on “Britney goes to rehab in the ‘bu” 21 Feb ‘07

If you are here because of Brian Crow you need to realize his address at 2550 Mosside BLVD is a psychologist’s office in Pittsburgh and Brian is probably an out patient hiding behind that address. Brian is obsessive-compulsive…. We do not think he is dangerous, but YOU NEVER KNOW!!! He has set himself up as the “channel master” and determines who you may talk with….

David WA1HBV QRZ Bio as of 5 Mar ’07

It's going to be tough to get a conviction regarding KKKarol… if no one can get clean tape. Someone needs to sit in front of his shack in Saanich, BC with the RF gain turned down so a clean recording can be obtained - but the real problem is, the Industry Canada office 2 miles away from KKKarol's QTH really doesn't give a rat's behind about KKKarol. [ß “clean tape” = FRAUDulent recording w/o ‘the other hand (QRM) clapping’. Bravo, Psycho!]

Brian ‘The Radio COP’ K3VR showing his fundamentally FRAUDulent nature/MO in “VE7KFM is on” on 9 Mar ‘07

>>complete intolerance for anyone 'different', That's actually a trait of the left. Hitler was a Socialist and hated Jews. For more left wing hate speech, visit: KKKarol [Brian doesn’t know his history.]

Brian posting as “KKKarol” in “Schwarzenegger Calls Rush Limbaugh Irrelevant” on 20 Mar ‘07

If I had Muslim radicals hunting me, I'd probably say I was in Victoria too. [ß But, you say I’m ~Al Qaeda, below!]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR seriously contradicting/compromising his thesis in “VE7KFM is on” on 20 Mar ‘07

KKKarol… often declared his allegiance to al Qaeda -- even going so far as to ask them (publicly) to attack his enemies in the US. [ß Brian, don’t forgot to mention that I do the latter overtly, in writing, on my Front Page….]

Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR seriously contradicting/compromising his thesis in “VE7KFM is on” on 21 Mar ‘07

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I know this is like beating my head against a wall... but please, for the love of God, give it up.

We have now been told that the Canadian authorities are watching this….
You've said the State Department is interviewing people….
It's apparently not hard to hear the guy.…

You've fought the good fight.
There are people involved now that can actually do something, but they have to do it right….
He'll be taken down, the right way, when it can be done in a way that has the greatest chance we'll never hear from him again.
You won.
You can't believe for a minute that he's not going to jail, and it won't be for actin' like a moron on 20m.…

Naturally, you'll feel better when he actually is in prison.
But seriously, relax. Let it go. The professionals have taken up the fight, which is what you wanted!

Congratulations. And I mean that sincerely.
You did fight, you got him noticed, and now it's just going to take some time.
But you did good. I, for one, thank you for your effort, but again, implore you to let it go!

Dave KE4UWL again/still imploring Psycho to let it go, before getting ‘de-balled’, in “VE7KFM is on” on 31 Jan ‘07

Friday, November 19, 2010

I do understand that there are those who're simply not going to be happy unless they have something to bitch about...
I just wish you guys would let it go.…
This whole thing sounds a *lot* like the whole "Howard Stern has to be gotten off the air" bit... if you don't like it, don't listen to it. It really is that simple.
And don't start on the "he's so anti-american, anti-whatever, he has to be gotten off the air."
If you really believe that, then you have to go after Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz and the rest of their ilk... go after everybody who says anything that you don't agree with on a radio frequency.

Dave KE4UWL when he still had ‘balls’ in “VE7KFM is on” on 25 Jan ‘07

· I think it is a strict, hard and fast amateur rule that QRMing is illegal and poor amatuer practice no matter what the justification.

Heath KE5FRF [no friend of mine] in “VE7KFM is on” on 27 Jan ‘07

· Talk over him… that's the order of the day!

Brian ‘FCC Snitch CROW’ K3VR passing “Riley’s Order” to his mental defectives in “VE7KFM is on” on 27 Jan ‘07

· I guess I misunderstand part 97. I thought intentional jamming, regardless of the country other stations are in, or what they're saying, was illegal. I stand corrected... if I don't like what someone's saying on the air, it's ok to jam them.
I also wasn't aware that racism was illegal. Frowned upon by polite society, yes, and illegal to use race as a basis to deny someone their rights, but I didn't know it was now illegal to say things that could be considered racist. [ß Dave, you forgot to add: as defined by a Psycho.]
I thank you for clearing up my misunderstandings.

Dave KE4UWL addressing Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR’s Order of the Day in “VE7KFM is on” on 27 Jan ‘07

· I'm not going to argue the points with you... you're obviously a communications attorney [sic], and besides that, your mind's made up.

Dave KE4UWL still trying to reach Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR’s ‘made up mind’ in “VE7KFM is on” on 27 Jan ‘07

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

As I said, your mind's made up, so it won't matter what anyone says.

Dave KE4UWL resigning himself to Brian’s ‘made up facts and mind’ in “VE7KFM is on” on 27 Jan ‘07

· [Your] basic principle of what constitutes a "protected signal" is disputable….
[I]t is difficult for me to denote how someone is transmitting in such as way as to not have standing on a specific frequency.
As a former ALJ, I'd be interested in your take on how someone who I can infer may be rude or obscene doesn't have pre-emptive right to use a frequency unimpeded. [Nothing further heard. Contra [Brian] preferentum + anyone?]

Donald K1VSK, a former Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), querying Brian K3VR in “VE7KFM is on” on 28 Jan ‘07

· Hey this is just the January 2007 version of the old " k1man series "...6 months from now it may be some one else to complain about…. [Quick: someone tell Psycho Brian.]

Bob AI4EP in “VE7KFM is on” on 29 Jan ‘07

· This was the case when 14.313 was hopping. Where .275 is concerned: The fleas just found another 20M dog to bite ...

John N8YX [no friend of mine] in “VE7KFM is on” on 30 Jan ‘07

· KKKarol was talking with Brandon Duke, KC0UWS on 20 meters. I looked up Duke's call and found he's a Tech and not even licensed for 20 meter operation….
Next, I, along with others, deliberately talked over Brandon Duke's conversation with Madera because the entire communication between KKKarol and Brandon was patently illegal. The usual jammers were also present.
Yet, typically, both Brandon and KKKarol complained that they were leaving 20 meters "due to malicious interference by K3VR and others." [ß What did you expect me to say/do, ask you for a ‘Blow Job’, Psycho?]

Brian ‘Radio COP’ K3VR playing GESTAPO & jamming/QRM’ing, with others, in “VE7KFM is on” on 30 Jan ‘07

Monday, November 15, 2010

The FCC long ago asked Jim Laursen at Industry Canada to do something about KFM….
I spoke to the petty bureaucrat myself and I believe there's a distinct lack of grey matter between his ears….
Whatever the reason, Industry Canada (Victoria) is useless and FCC concerns have been disregarded.

Brian ‘Snitch CROW’ K3VR reporting that ‘sucking cock’ does NOT work with IC in “VE7KFM is on” on 23 Jan ‘07

· I just can't believe this thread won't die.…

For a group of folks (US citizens) who're supposed to be all for freedom of speech, you folks sure are going WAY out of your way to try and squelch speech you don't like (and, for the record, I don't agree for a second with anything KFM is alleged to have said). [ß Neither do I, especially as FRAUDulently alleged by Brian Psycho CROW.]

Dave KE4UWL [no friend of mine] in “VE7KFM is on” on 23 Jan ‘07

· By the way, is your last name an indication of Polish descent? Madera claims he speaks for all Poles. [ß Only if you say so, Brian.] He also claims he's defending Canada's honor against stupid Americans, and he says he's been commissioned by Canada's government to show the world that Canada has freedom of speech. [ß True, Brian—and much more….]

Brian ‘The FRAUDulent CROW’ K3VR trying to incite/mislead Kyle VE6WTF in “VE7KFM is on” on 24 Jan ‘07

· And I will call the RCMP and have them come to your house so I can see them kill you on the 11:00 news.

Kyle VE6WTF [a 15 yr-old] following Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR’s incitement in “VE7KFM is on” on 25 Jan ‘07

· There you go. I called the BC hate crime unit. KFM I will have them ship me your stuff.

Kyle ‘What The Fuck’ VE6WTF seduced by Brian [before his single-mother found out] in “VE7KFM is on” on 25 Jan ‘07

Saturday, November 13, 2010

[R]emember that this is the same Tom Whatley the spat out the great "F" bomb tirade last September!
Mr. Crow when you post, please leave out the obsession with Mr. Madera. [ß In a thread about Tom N1FM/n1sob!]

Whitney N3ZV to Brian ‘Obsessed’ CROW K3VR in his “N1FM” on 17 Jan ‘07

· This thread is not about YOU or ME or your half-baked opinions…. I don't care what Tom may or may not have said to whomever. My point was, a complaint does not evidence make. [ß Does that apply to you/yours also?]

Brian ‘Obsessed Psycho’ CROW K3VR’s slap-down of Whitney in his “N1FM” on 17 Jan ‘07

Hopefully, the Canadadians [sic] will take a stand against this threatening blowhard soon. [ß I hope some long-suffering ‘jiggaboo’ in Delray ‘blows you off’, Tom, but for cause.]

Tom WHATLEY N1FM/n1sob, a ‘Semi-Illiterate BULLY COP’ in K3VR’s “N1FM” on 18 Jan ‘07

· Y'know what... you need to get over this unhealthy obsession with Madera.

Dave KE4UWL to Brian ‘Psycho CROW’ K3VR on p.1 already in “VE7KFM is on” on 20 Jan ‘07

· Sometimes law enforcement officials feel compelled to act before a breach of the peace occurs. [ß I think this means that we can shoot you/your mental defectives before you/they cause any more mayhem & criminality.]

Brian ‘Sieg Heil CROW’ K3VR’s incitement/GESTAPO tactics in “VE7KFM is on” on 21 Jan ‘07

· Brian, I was not clueless and I even explained my actions to you in a PM….
I turned on my HF rig and did hear some of the madness on 275, it’s really crazy.

Joe W1SK called “clueless” by K3VR, chiefly because he posted my URL in “VE7KFM is on” on 21 Jan ‘07

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Karol Madera,

Why are you using George Zardecki's/N9VTB QRZ account to shill your fraudulent wares? [ß You’re Liar, Brian!] Is it because you're banned from posting here Karol [ß You’re a Liar, again, Brian! I did NOT post this, or anything else, EVER. Ergo, I’m NOT banned.] and that's the only way you can hope to get your hateful message out? [ß Hateful? Read Geo.’s posts again, Psycho! Your 30 vitriolic posts in the 18 pages (w/o one retort from me) are a Testament of YOUR obsessive HATE for the entire World to see!]


Everyone knows you can barely speak English, and you sure-as-shooting can't write in English to save your soul. So why are you allowing Karol Madera/VE7KFM to hi-jack your account in order to peddle his very boring and warped viewpoints? [ß Brian is a Liar who presumes much too much!]

Brian ‘Clairvoyant Psycho CROW’ K3VR pissed at Geo. in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 12 Jan ‘07


Very interesting. I just noticed N9VTB's QRZ bio that had Karol's URL all over it [ß Huhh? One ref. does NOT “all over it” make, Psycho!] earlier has now been cleaned up and locked. [ß Why?]

Let's hope the FCC locks down N9VTB next. [ß Why?] Not much attention has been paid to the lisping lunatic's silly sycophant [sic] but I hope Riley will take out the trash, sooner rather than later. [ß Where is your Riley now, Brian?]

Brian ‘One Hand Clapping’ CROW K3VR in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 12 Jan ‘07

I have a lot of energy when it comes to helping rid our ham bands of frauds, jammers, liars, and scam artists. [ß Jesus Wept!] N9VTB has now been banned from QRZ [ß Why?], like his mentor Karol. Good! That's what happens when you allow someone like VE7KFM to use your posting privileges George. [ß This statement is FALSE. I’ll give anyone $1,000. who can prove it true. GL] Let's see what happens to George's FCC license next... [ß sic]

Brian ‘I Suck Fred’s & Riley’s Cock’ CROW K3VR in “VE7KFM on 14.275” on 12 Jan ‘07